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Authentic Norelco Battery Pack fit most Norelco Shavers
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Authentic Norelco Battery Pack fit most Norelco Shavers

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Installation requires advanced expertise and know-how. Soldering is REQUIRED. For this reason batteries are not returnable or replaceable once installation has been attempted


NiCd Battery pack with easy solder tabs

Each individual battery is 1 7/8" long and 9/16" diameter

Each battery is 1.2V & 600mAH

Will fit the following models (this is a partial list only): Norelco 5601X 3865XL 7610X 7864XL 7886XL 8865XL 7885XL HQ8865 7865XL 8883XL 7735X 7737X 7775X 7866XL 7867XL 8867XL 400DX 6732X, 6716X 6711X 6709X 6706X 6705X 6701X 605RX 650TX 665RX 825RX 835RX 875RX 905RX 955RX 965PE 965RX 968RX 885RX 915RX 935RX 945RX 985RX 300SX 4885XL 4805XL 4845XL 4865XL 4853XL 4852XL 4817XL 4816XL 5825XL 5845XL 5848XL 5865XL 5885XL 5867XL 5864XL 5863XL 5862XL 4807XL 4625X 5849XL 5855XLD 5842XL 8845XL 8825XL 3805XL 5886XL 7845XL 7825XL 4825XL 6735A 6735A/X 6756X 6756X/A 6863XL 5602X 5602XL 6885XL 6865XL 6846XL 6826XL 6828XL 6829XL 5861XL 5841XL 5821XL 5801XL 5801XL 5841XL 5861XL 6826XL 6885XL 6887XL 6886XLD 6867XL 6866XL 6848XL 5802XL 5817XL 5818XL 5842XL 5855XLD 5842XL 5822XL 5887XL 6886XL 4821XL 4821XL/A 5603X 5864XL 6885XL 3801XL 3805XL 5863XL 5864XL 5867XL 7616X 7617X 8846XL 5616X 5615X 5655A 5655A/X 5565X/B 5565X, T990, HQ3805, HQ3825, HQ3845, HQ3865, HQ4625, HQ4805, HQ4825, HQ4845, HQ4865, HQ4885, HQ5801, HQ5815, HQ6889, HQ6715, HQ7815, HQ7825, HQ8825, HQ8885, HS345, HS360, HS375, HS825, HS875, HS885, HS905, HS915, HS925, HS955, HS965, HS975, HS980, HS985

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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 18 customer reviews )
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2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

1were the correct ones and fit just fine but they were bad right out of the packageOct 10, 2014
Rant On. The batteries came on time, were the correct ones and fit just fine but they were bad right out of the package. They wouldn't accept a charge even though the indicator on the charger indicated they were charged. I suspect that they had been sitting on the shelf for a while or were just plain bad. It isn't unheard of and it does happen. I checked the connections and even tried to charge the razor a second time but when put under the load of the shaver motor, the motor would attempt to turn but stop immediately. I put my old batteries back in and the shaver charged and worked okay. The reason I was replacing the batteries was because several years old and not holding a full charge anymore. Anyway, I contacted ShaverOutlet and told them of the problem. The person I corresponded with was Brian and in his words and this is a direct quote from his email to me "I'm sorry that you have experienced a problem. Modern batteries have a zero defect rate. I have been repairing shavers for nearly 20 years and have never seen a defective battery with over 100000 installed." Brian...what you said is factually wrong and dishonest. Nothing is perfect and defects do make it through quality control. 100000 battery installs and never a bad one? Come on, you know you're not being honest and you are being cheap. Anyway, Brian and I argued back and forth over the course of several e-mails and an honest company, for such a cheap part would have just sent me another set but no. Brian wanted me to send the $7 + $5 S&H batteries back so that he could "test them". My time is more valuable than to mess around with going to the post office, paying return shipping and then waiting for him to test them so I could prove my point to him. All over $13. I'm simply going to take my future business somewhere else. Brian, I hope ShaverDepot spends the $13 you made off of me well. Folks, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else for your shaver/battery needs. These folks don't believe in good customer service. All this over a lousy $13. What a hassle. I guess I'll be growing a beard until I get good batteries from a better, more reputable company. Rant Off

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5My Norelco ShaverFeb 11, 2014
By Grover
This battery pack revived my shaver to like new after 4 years. Norelco will not sell them to you but, these are a match to the OEM pack.
I'd recommand these to anyone with a Norelco shaver that these fit.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4They worked outOct 22, 2013
By Mike
They didn't solder in as easily as I hoped but I shouldn't have taken off the tabs. The solder doesn't really stay solid when attempting to solder the shaver connection directly to the battery terminals. I made it work eventually though. Charge time is 35 min down from the original 45 min when the shaver was new but it's much cheaper than buying a new one.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5You can't go wrong with theseMay 08, 2013
By Ed
I have an old Norelco 955rx razor. I got it as a gift 20 years ago and it is still going strong. However, the batteries do need to be replaced every 5-6 years. I have used this battery pack as a replacement every time, and have had outstanding performance from them every time. If you don't know the difference between a pair of channel locks and a crescent wrench, you may want to take the battery pack and razor to any number of electronic repair shops and they will solder it in for you for around 15 dollars. It's a lot cheaper than getting a new razor. If you feel handy, buy the cheapest soldering iron (the smallest is the best) you can find and have a go at it. It really isn't that hard to do. Also, see if you can find someone who has a spool of small diameter solder. About 2 inches will last you a lifetime. I like my razor and will probably be changing out the batteries for another twenty years.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Batteries fit howeverDec 17, 2013
By DavidM
The batteries fit however the old batteries were welded in by a spot weld so that had to be disconnected and then I had to solder them in because I have no spot welder. It should have been in the description that this would be necessary to replace the batteries.
Many people will not have the skill or tools to do the replacement.

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